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Our mission is to compile and produce impactful Goodiebags for the recipient. We achieve this by uniquely and efficiently connecting our advertisers to events and clients that are of interest to them.

In other words: We aim for happy clients, as the relevant, well-filled Goodiebag increases sympathy and extends the event experience for the visitor. Satisfied advertisers, because the brand has reached (often) 100% of the target audience! And the recipient? They are surprised and grateful, because in addition to a well-filled Goodiebag with fun items, they feel recognized and appreciated by both the client and the advertiser.

We actively think along

Do you want to order Goodiebags or do you want your brand or product in a Goodiebag? Fill in our contact form or call us to discuss your wishes. We are happy to advise and actively think along to optimally utilize the Goodiebag as a marketing tool, for both clients and advertisers.

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