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Welcome to BagOffice!

Who are we?

Nice to meet you! We are the Goodiebags specialist in the Netherlands and Belgium. We are known for our high quality Goodiebags – always with relevant content. Fully customized for the target group; our Goodiebags have been the cherry on the cake for many (online) events.

For who do we make Goodiebags?

We make Goodiebags for different occassions such as (hybrid) events, exhibitions, online meetings, sporting events and special theme days and occassions. A well known example from which you might know us, are our Ladies Night Goodiebags in the Dutch and Belgian cinemas and theaters. 

BagOffice also makes Goodiebags for many other organizations and companies, both profit and non-profit. These can be Goodiebags with a certain theme (for example Christmas, Valentine or Easter). Or Goodiebags for the company’s employees to support them during these days of working from home or just as a nice gift. Our Goodiebags have connected many people during the many online meetings, team (online) drink or teambuilding day. 

Goodiebags can also be used as a sales tool, to support or to recruit new members for your sports club. A Goodiebag is always a unique and valuable gift! 

A goodiebag as a gift

‘Personal, surprising and attentive’ is feedback that we often receive about our Goodiebags. No gift is as personal as ours, completely customized to the receiver (= target group)! That is why we have been successful doing this, since 2007. On this website you will find all information about how to order Goodiebags for your event or activity. Can’t find what you are looking for? You can reach usb y phone on working days from 9.00 till 17.30h. Or chat live with one of us by clicking the chat button on the bottom right of your screen.

Your product in the goodiebag

Do you want to sample with your product in our Goodiebags? We love to tell you about all the sampling options in our Goodiebags with your brand. This is possible with any quantity; samples, fullsize products or close to date products. We offer national coverage in terms of sampling locations, from large to small quantities. And with a focus target group. Your product will get phsyically into the hands of many of your target group.

What is a goodiebag?

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